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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Waverly Inn: Ye Have Lost Ye Mind

Ok I’ll admit that I’ve been in a vegetable state for the past few weeks…

… but like a 102-year-old in a nursing home who can still pop one for Barker’s Babes, when Frank goes as nuts as he did this week I get out of my wheelchair with a tent in my dockers screaming “I still got it in me! I still got it!”

Yes, it’s Free Bar of Gold Day for Frank Bruni satirizers and, I would argue, for Graydon Carter, whose Waverly Inn got it pretty easy from the Count. And by easy I mean completely crazy.

But before addressing Lady Huffypussy’s email correspondence (just wait) let’s pause briefly to salute Frank’s Critic’s Notebook complaint about being made to kow-tow before the city’s luminary chefs. The article included probably the funniest image ever cobbled together in Times Dining:

Oh, except for this one back in 1993, when someone was just having fun with Clarisworks:

Oh the heady early days of photoshopping. My what fun they had.

Anyway, for his review this week of Graydon Carter’s clubhouse Waverly Inn, Frank took a nom de plume, writing, in email format, as:

"Frannie Von Furstinshow," writing from the email account ">"

Glossing completely over how disgusting "guccipucci" is, I'd like to not that this has happened before: Frank made up a fake interlocutor (a broad hybrid of A-hole meatpacking cruisers) when reviewing Sasha, and everyone wondered if it was a real person. Clearly it’s a sock puppet on Frank’s left hand.

Except way less inadvertently peeny.

Don’t worry about the sock puppet interfering with the typing; the Count dictates to a manservant who writes in a wax tablet with Dior eyeliner.

Frannie Von Furstinshow represents a sort of block-headed fancypants in-crowd stereotype. She begins her letter to “Dear Graydon” with a quibble, and no, it’s not about his maxi-pad haircut:

Now extra thin! With extra wide wings!

Frank, aka Frannie, begins:

“First, dear, a quibble: Demi? On the cover? Back when she was large (and naked!) with a child destined for a nutty celebrity-spawn name, it made sense. But if ‘Bobby’ is a comeback, I went to a state university.”

Get it? Cause rich people are snobby about state schools!

I'd like to point out that that’s just rude…

Chief Burning Asshole, the Florida State mascot, finds that quip incredibly insensitive.

But Frannie Von Tinklepot raves about the place:

“Now, applause: Waverly. Love it. I laugh when I hear it called a restaurant, as if it were anything so mundane and (apologies to Demi) pregnable.”

Those of us who are both extremely mundane (check) and extremely pregnable (well…my fallopian tubes are connected to a beer helmet right now but I could probably have the operation reversed) shouldn’t be offended here.

Frannie’s talking about the rigamarole you’ve got to go through to get a reservation at this exclusive spot, which, according to Frannie’s account, not only pretends to be closed, but won’t take phone reservations.

The foreboding door to Waverly Inn.

Frannie loves that “we have a Toots Shor’s of our own, a Stork Club without the plumage. I think back to that night in London at the Groucho Club (remember how everyone was trying not to stare at Martin Amis’s new teeth?!) and how we agreed that New York needed an English gentlemen’s club that didn’t take English gentlemen as members.”

Ah the conundrum of the English gentleman. Love the wit, hate the yard-long wake of hoppy beer gas.

Speaking of wit, Frank is really giving some pissy satiric sauce to Graydon's trans-Atlantic fashiono-literary crew. There’s too much crazy business here for me to excerpt it all. This one is a surefire must-read, start to finish.

OK, goodnight. Oh whoops, wait! The food!

Frannie likie: “chef John DeLucie is doing some of the best tuna tartare in town (all that creamy avocado and zingy heat!), plus a hefty and juicy pork chop, a classically blissful Dover sole, an addictive clam chowder, a gorgeous fillet of wild salmon (with those adorable little beluga lentils) and …feloniously fatty short ribs….”

Wow. Get in there, Fannie. Not so much a social X-ray as a social XL.

At Fannie’s last showing at the East Hampton Equestrian Show, many in the audience smiled to her face but secretly whispered about what the addiction to clam chowder had done to her judgment, not to mention her once-lithe ass.

We know the Inn is only getting one star, but Frank’s/Frannie’s review barely pauses the praise. Frannie hints at some disappointments (“the dull chicken pot pie and the humdrum crab cakes and the functional strip steak”) but ends with a sweeping conclusion about how genuinely great the place is:

“It’s not just about an A-list daisy chain of writers, actors, models. It’s not just about ringside seats to the latest Perelman-Barkin smackdown.
It’s about the ease and privilege of being among people who reflect your brainiest, prettiest sense of self.”

For those of you (whom Frannie calls “the lemmings”) unable to score a reservation, who would nevertheless like to see two divorced people engage in a smackdown, Rita and Derek Huffenblatt will be battling over custody of their ’82 Nissan Sentra at the Applebee’s in Elmhurst from now until Rita jams a press-on nail into Derek’s cornea sometime past midnight.

Less glitzy than Perelman-Barkin, sure, but there's a far far higher likelihood that one of them will call the other a "slutbucket." You take what you can get.

On the theme of dysfunctional couples, today’s Times has really reminded me how much Frank and I are meant to be. Or at least how badly Frank wants me to make fun of him. Hey guy, if you want to switch panties and hold hands, give me a call, m’kay?

Missed ya, buddy.


Blogger Queen Art-o-Eat said...

Jules I'm glad your back and what a perfect review for your poisoned pen!

7:58 PM, January 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fatavgyq here - Jules, I am spontaneously exploding in a gorgeous froth of clam chowder and duck confit.

WELCOME BACK, SISTA GIRL!!! Can I just say how superlatively glad I am that you're still with us... Hope finals went well!

10:39 PM, January 24, 2007  
Anonymous Brian Preston-Campbell said...

I jumped for joy when my RSS had a new entry from the Bruni Digest this evening. By the way, is an actual website, so Frank should be careful -- those dog groomers in Peoria are quite litigious.

11:27 PM, January 24, 2007  
Anonymous beagleboy said...

Glad you're back-especially with this last review...

12:06 PM, January 25, 2007  
Blogger marazion said...

I thought you'd never come back! Hallelujah. Also, Frank's lost it.

3:51 PM, January 25, 2007  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Glad to see you back in Frank's saddle again - Ride on little doggy!

5:24 PM, January 25, 2007  
Blogger Sam said...

STK and Porterhouse, STK, STK, STK ... STK ... holy monkey crap, there's Jules again! Where ya been, love?

4:05 PM, January 27, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Jules. The state of the Union is delicious once again!

6:12 PM, February 05, 2007  
Blogger psnd1969 said...

My Dearest Jules,

Those of us who hang on your every word are left dangling (and not in a good way) without you sharp wit and barbed tongue (especially the tongue part). No blog update in nearly a month. What's happened? Are you gainfully employed in a meaningful career? True Love? Please a new blog post. Even if its just a picture of Phyllis Diller naked.

1:46 AM, February 22, 2007  
Anonymous chasgoose said...

WHERE HAVE YOU GONE? We need you now more than ever! Bruni has just published a review of a restaurant in a freaking STRIP CLUB! Although I guess now the conflation of food and gross sexual references will make more sense.

10:21 PM, February 27, 2007  
Anonymous Kate said...

Jules! STRIPPERS! Frank's acting out due to your abandonment of him. We need you--more than ever.

12:31 PM, February 28, 2007  
Blogger jjlook said...

dude, you might want to come back out of retirement to take a look at the slide show (and accompanying notes) Bruni wrote for yesterday's review.
It's outta hand.

1:39 PM, February 28, 2007  
Anonymous Nigel M. said...¤tPage=all

I think Frank had a crush…

George Bush made it easy—he handed them a character on a plate. He had one slogan—compassionate conservatism—and one promise aimed squarely at denigrating Bill Clinton: to restore honor and integrity to the White House. He was also perceived to be fun to be with. For 18 months, he pinched cheeks, bowled with oranges in the aisles of his campaign plane, and playacted flight attendant. Frank Bruni, now the restaurant critic for The New York Times but then a novice national political-beat reporter for the same newspaper, wrote affectionately of Bush's "folksy affability," "distinctive charm," "effortless banter," and the feather pillow that he traveled with.

10:39 AM, September 06, 2007  
Blogger Adrian said...

Couldn't find out where to contact you directly, but enjoyed your cocktail piece on gourmet--one thing, though, the Bloody Bullshot is best prepared at the Hemingway by Colin because they use real beef consommé, not viandox like the Meurice.

3:44 AM, August 23, 2008  
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